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Language Learning


Our ESL classes are on summer break. You are welcome to apply for an open spot. Classes resume in September. Fill out the application form here or come into the library to fill one out.

Contact our ESL Coordinator, Rafat Ispahany, at for more information.

Adults who are interested in becoming ESL tutors should contact ESL Coordinator, Rafat Ispahany, at or 201-568-8680.

Classes for English Language Learners

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Choose from 30 languages. Core lessons help you build reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Focused activities teach you to refine grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more


Mobile apps enable you to reinforce your new language skills on the go.

To get started, click here.  Your library card number is your "PATRON ID".

Contact our Reference Department at 201-568-8680 for more information

Rosetta Stone

ALL ESL - resources for ESL Tutors

Education First - grammar, idioms, vocabulary, quotations and names

Elizabeth Claire's Easy English News - monthly audio recordings of Easy English News articles

ESL Bits - Read books in English while listening to the correct English pronunciation

ESL Video - Free quizzes, lessons and online conversation classes for English language learners

Eva Easton's American English Pronunciation - video lessons and audio quizzes on all aspects of English

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - online listening with comprehension quizzes - all levels of English

TV411 - videos and web activities designed to help improve reading, writing. Includes math and science topics

USA Learns - video lessons with activities, includes US Citizenship course

Voice of America Learning English - videos, lessons, news and more

Online Language Learning Resources