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View of trees from the clerestory windows in the Edna Kawulitzki art gallery in the Tenafly Public Library

Edna Kawulitzki Art Gallery

On View in the Edna Kawulitzki Art Gallery

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Mel N art March April 2024 2.jpg

Mel's Art Zone

In The Hall of Light: Kinetic/Aesthetic
An Art Installation by Mel Nusbaum through April 30

Most people know me as a musician. My groups have performed Sunday concerts at the Tenafly Library, and I keep up an active life of creating music, playing piano and guitar. But along with music, I have other pastimes where I enjoy creating things with my hands (and mind). While I am not a graduate of an art school, as an artist and craftsman, I have produced multi-media works, dioramas, holographic art, light shows, kinetic art, mosaics, photo collages, vinyl holograms, neon light sculptures, optical illusions, historical dioramas, and computer art applications.

My latest projects, I call "Luminescent Panels and Glow-thru Cutouts". I carve designs in paper and cardboard with a cutting machine connected to my computer. I discovered that illuminated panels are a beautiful way to light up these patterns from behind. I use colored cellophane to imitate the effect of stained glass. I make the flowers glow from within. I invented my own techniques to create these things, the likes of which I have never seen before. In my opinion, they are quite beautiful. I look forward to the opportunity to present these objects for the enjoyment of Tenafly Library patrons.

~ Mel Nusbaum

To display art work in the gallery or exhibit case

Email the following to Julie Marallo, Library Director at


Artwork is displayed for two months and is selected by the Tenafly Public Library Art Committee. You will be contacted if your work is selected. The committee meets on an irregular basis.

Read our art exhibit policy.

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