View of trees from the clerestory windows in the Edna Kawulitzki art gallery in the Tenafly Public Library

Edna Kawulitzki Art Gallery

On View in the Edna Kawulitzki Art Gallery

Alice Renner Rigney Yesterday's Properties Remembered  (1920 x 1080 px).jpg

November - December 2021

Tenafly Yesterday's Properties Remembered

Alice Renner Rigney


On view now: Paintings of historic Tenafly buildings that are no longer standing by long-time Tenafly resident Alice Renner Rigney.  This exhibit opens a window on Tenafly's architectural past.

To display art work in the gallery or exhibit case

Email the following to Julie Marallo, Library Director at


Artwork is displayed for two months and is selected by the Tenafly Public Library Art Committee. You will be contacted if your work is selected. The committee meets on an irregular basis.

Read our art exhibit policy.